Thursday, June 16, 2016

Packing: WTF?

boxes  boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes tape tape table bubblewrap bubblewrap boxes boxes tape tape tape boxes boxes boxes boxes boxes crumble newspaper crumble newspaper crumble newspaper marker box #109 kitchen  blue bathroom kitchen boxes art room boxes CANCER radiation? boxes boxes study study bedroom bedroom garage marker box #113 kitchen kitchen living room books books books books books printer coffeepot mixer blueray boxes boxes boxes tape tape calendar bubblewrap “You need to rest, Kim” “Where are the wine glasses?” “Turn down the air conditioner” “How do we pack the lightning rod?” boxes tape marker box #188 “Kim, sit down! You are trying to heal!” “Sit! Stay! Heal!” pink dishes gold dishes white dishes square glasses radiation? coupe glasses everyday glasses lemonade glasses parfait glasses whiskey boxes wine boxes wardrobe boxes         rest      more boxes tape CANCER radiation? label boxes boxes boxes


“a problem with financing for the buyer of your buyer’s house”

unraveled    dead    sunk      no sale   ain’t happenin’     nada




These photos not by Kim. Obviously.

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