Thursday, September 13, 2018


Can you write a novel consisting entirely of questions?
Does The Interrogative Mood, a novel(?) by Padgett Powell where every sentence is a question, really work?
Why did I never meet the author, who lives in Gainesville?
Why did I never meet a lot of semi-famous people?
Where is my copy of the book?


Why not compile my own list of questions?
What do I write next?
What do I do next?
Does it matter what I write or do next?
If it matters, to whom does it matter?

Is time travel possible?
Can we achieve time travel through the use of our own mind, perhaps aided by reading?
If there is no up or down in space without gravity’s orienting force, is there similarly no past or future?
Is the present moment an illusion, a dimensionless boundary between past and present?
If it’s an illusion, then how can I live in the present?

Is astral travel possible?
If you have an out-of-body experience, what is having that experience?
Would you prefer to have an intense out-of-body experience, or an intense in-body experience?
How can you tell your astral travel from a hole in the ground?
Were the hippies on to something?

How healthy will Kim be in a year?
What is her cancer doing?
How healthy will I be?
If either one of us has a serious health decline, what will it be like to live that way?
Is it a mistake to move to our cottage, 40 miles from doctor and hospital?

Who wrote the book of love?
Why do fools fall in love?
How many different kinds of love are there?
What do all kinds of love have in common?
What is the most cynical definition of love that you know?

How can we remain young?
Why is it important to be young?
Was I happier when I was in my 20s than I am now?
Is relative happiness the best way to measure how well I am doing?
Am I happier when I’m not asking a lot of questions?

What happens to me after I die?
Do I have an immortal soul?
Am I the only person who has one?
What happens to other people after I die?
To be, or not to be?

What will tomorrow’s weather be?
Why do I feel this is important enough to check?
What is concern about weather distracting me from?
How did President Trump get that way?
What can we do about it?

What, exactly, is a question?
When does a string of words become a question?
Does any question have a satisfactory answer?
Are you certain?
Isn’t certainty, like satisfaction, a feeling rather than something having to do with truth?
Why doesn’t English signal a question with an upside-down question mark, like Spanish?

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