Thursday, October 11, 2018


       I know a lot of you have moved, so you know how much fun it can be. Well, Kim and I are having that kind of fun now, putting in 13-hour days carrying boxes, unwrapping boxes, moving furniture, and waiting for our builder to show up to finish the house so we can move in. No, we have not yet moved in - not until we at least have functioning bathrooms and the kitchen sink doesn't leak.

       If you do think back to how enjoyable moving has been for you in the past, try imagining it when you are in your mid-70s. We rarely pause for lunch, and a few days back we didn't get home until 9:00 and, too tired to prepare food or even eat, we dined on half an English muffin - having moved most of our food to the house, foolishly thinking our builder would finish when he said he would.

       Below are some snapshots of our dream home. Kim wanted folks to know that I took these pictures, not her.

Living Room

Television Room / Study

Kim's Art Room

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