Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spring in the North

            The approach of spring has a different feel in Northern Michigan. When the temperature hit 33, a convertible was seen – top down – on U.S. 31, and guys are wearing t-shirts – outdoors! I saw some folks in shorts stepping through snow drifts to cross a street in Traverse City. And with the temperature at 35 as I write this, Kim and I are wondering if the sunshine makes our three-season porch “too warm.”

            I have not been out of the house without snow boots since November, and I may have another month of boot-time in my future. But I have toughened up since spending winters in Florida. Occasionally I will go out to feed the birds without wearing socks under my boots. 

            Perhaps photos are the best way to show the near-arrival of spring.

The coming of spring means the trees will soon bear leaves and blossoms. In Northern Michigan, it means hoarfrost.

And spring means that flowers will soon be decorating our yard. For now, hoarfrost does the job.

Even in March the snow is beautiful.

Spring means activity on the lakes.

And Kim and I scraped a small skating rink on our lake – in anticipation of spring.


First time on skates in 50 years . . ..

And meanwhile, the fire pit that Kim and I built for toasting marshmallows or hotdogs, lies buried in a snow drift.

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