Thursday, August 22, 2019


            Almost every morning Kim goes down to the shore to photograph the sunrise over Torch Lake. Often, I join her. Mid-summer this meant getting up at 5:30. Now in late August sunrise is approaching 7:00, so it’s not so demanding, but from time to time we let our coffee cool on the table as we make our way down the stairs.

            Why? The reason is obvious once you see her photographs below. But it’s also a way to celebrate the new day – and we are both here to enjoy it. (We also celebrate with our morning hug, when Kim is not too sore, but these do not provide photo-ops.) Sunrise also reminds us of the beauty of the world that we are privileged to witness. And yes, sunrises have been going on for years, probably before we were born, but only recently have we paused in such deep appreciation. It may be because of where we live. And it may be because of this precious time in our lives.


Sometimes we are not alone at sunrise:

Storm clouds bring their own beauty.

And sometimes the mood is serene.

Sometimes it's more about pattern and design than color.

The color sometimes makes us feel we are living in a work of art.

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