Thursday, April 16, 2020


            Kim and I are sheltering at home, as instructed. Only recently have we learned that “at home” means at home. While we have plenty to see and photograph here, on our property, we thought it would be OK to go for a drive out into the Up North countryside, where social distancing is measured in miles, not feet. Nope. Not permitted. We are to stay at home unless we go out to do something “essential,” and taking photographs of barns does not qualify. I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is for violating our governor’s executive order (a week?), and we still have nasty things to say about other people who have violated it and continue to do so. But we didn’t know! Ignorance is the only excuse we can come up with.

            Yes, we have plenty to photograph at home. April has brought us some spectacular sunrises

   and sunsets    

Twilight Aubergine

  but it's the Up North landscape that drew us out. Here’s some of what we found:

In the far distance you can see Lake Michigan.

Old barns and other farm buildings have great appeal:

We wandered:

Sometimes it's just the textures that draw us in.

A Fixer-upper

Abandoned Root Celler

Another One

We were not alone.

Apples and cherries are a major industry up here.
           We live on the 45th parallel, which in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres means good geography for wine production. So, in addition to our cherries and apples, we grow grapes and, recently hops. And we are also graced by a growing number of young people who are committed to organic and other healthful farming practices. Yes, we are sheltering in place, and our place is part of a beautiful place, which is part of an even larger beautiful place. Let's do our part to make it one.

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