Thursday, June 24, 2021

Communing with Nature

            Kim and I were out photographing butterflies. We’d stopped for coffee before arriving at the bog, and I had to pee, so I found a secluded spot and got started. I was about mid-way through when a dragonfly appeared, landed briefly on my penis, and quickly departed. 

            I zipped up and caught up with Kim, grateful that her camera was pointed elsewhere. I told her briefly what happened.


            “I think it was after the minerals,” she said, laughing. I recalled one of her girlfriends who used to pee onto a dirt road to attract butterflies.


            “No,” I theorized, “I think she wanted to mate with me.” Two competing theories.


            The next night I told my step-daughter, Genne’, what had happened. She sent me a text message: “Dragonflies represent good fortune, so I think you’re going to get laid tonight.”


            Just in case, I slept with the window open.


  1. Lucky it was a dragonfly and not a stinging insect. Did you close the window?