Thursday, March 3, 2022


Every day is different on the lake. This is good because our lives have been so circumscribed - here, plus short trips for mail, groceries, and medical appointments. Nevertheless, there is always something to see, and if you are Kim, to photograph.

Recently Torch Lake Froze over. Then, one night, we heard a loud "Boom!" that made the house shake. Ice expands as it freezes, and the shifting plates created a crack that extended across the lake. And this being Torch Lake, the turquoise water seeped up to the surface.

The footprints going out onto the ice are mine.

This distinctive color of the water where it seeped up through the crack is not exaggerated.

Kim got close enough to take this photo of the edge of the crack. The ice was about 8 inches thick.

Here are a few ice shots from previous winters:

Before we moved in, the guys building our house shoveled off an area the size of a skating rink. The ice was clear. Here is Genne' examining the rocks (and golf balls) on the floor of the lake.

Sometimes the ice just washes up on the shore.

Yes, living beside a frozen lake can be fun. There is always something to see.

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