Thursday, April 21, 2022


            Many of you are no doubt wondering how events in my previous blog posts have played out. Here are some updates:


Fox Trot – The fox that I wrote about several weeks ago is still here. We witnessed it in a heated battle with a large raccoon, ending in an escape for the raccoon. 

Looking a little wet after the struggle, he spotted us and trotted away.

The raccoon retreated onto thin ice, where he lay down and made a full recovery.

The fox has returned several times, once within feet of our window.


Ice – Spring is here, technically, though snow still falls. The lake ice is finally gone, but the melting was spectacular with Torch Lake colors.



Limping – continues, but improved. The physical therapist was not much help, so we tried an orthopedic surgeon. Cortisone injections are helping.


Some Favorite Movies – We’ve seen a couple of good ones since our post on the subject:

Dancing on the Edge – Struggles of a Black jazz band in 1920’s London. (Amazon)

The Switch – Cleverly written rom-com providing good comfort during troubled times. (Netflix)

Hala - Moving story of a Pakistani girl struggling to come of age in America (Apple TV+


Tips – One further tip: If you are old and watching a limited series, try to binge-watch it all. Otherwise, you will forget who the characters are and what happened with them in previous episodes.


Scammed – An expanded version of my blog post has been accepted for publication in The Ann Arbor Observer. It was painful to re-experience the events as I revised the piece, but publication will recover some of the money I lost.

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