Thursday, May 26, 2022


            I’ve been feeling some stress lately, and I hope writing about it helps bring some relief. I am hopeful because when I write I become a character, a persona, who doesn’t seem bothered by stress. Let’s see if it works.


            Fast forward: I did write about the sources of my stress, and after reading what I wrote, I felt so foolish that I deleted several paragraphs of moaning and complaining. Who would want to read it? You should thank me for this.


            The summary: I get anxious when confronting change, even when I’m only anticipating change. (Kim is the opposite, in many ways, for she needs change, but she doesn’t stress about it.) I feel especially stressed when I think that the change means I will have to learn something. I dislike feeling flummoxed.


            One of the benefits of this process is that I re-discovered a word: flummoxed. I love the word not only because of the meaning (totally confused and bewildered), but also because the way it looks and sounds adds a sputtering quality to the meaning. Say it out loud and see for yourself. I was stressed about the anticipated changes (new car, getting old, moving, etc.) because they might make me flummoxed. It’s a great word, especially for any geezers struggling with new technology. Again, I will spare you my details – you probably have several of your own. If you have any examples of when you felt flummoxed, I’d love to see them and perhaps share them. If you’ve never felt flummoxed, try installing a new operating system on your computer.




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