Thursday, October 6, 2022

Family Movies


            We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. One of our patterns is to plop down on the couch for an afternoon nap, and Kim tends to doze off depending on the night’s sleep and the morning’s workload. The good ones keep us awake – most days. The list below probably says something about our values – who we are. Whatever. 


            Looking over the list, I see that many of them are British, and many are family movies. This doesn’t mean that they are movies that “the whole family” can watch. (I’m pretty sure our grandkids are watching racier movies than we are.) No, I mean that many are about families – the often difficult dynamics that play out in all kinds of families. I remember hearing that the problem with families is that they have people in them.


Anyway, here’s the list:


Bramwell – A British series set in 1895 London dealing with a woman doctor, daughter of a doctor, running a free clinic in London’s slums. Acting is great, and the series takes on a number of social issues that are still with us today. (Amazon Prime - Britbox)


Leave No Trace – A veteran and his teen-aged daughter living hidden in a forest in Oregon have a chance encounter with civilization that alters their lives and their relationship. Very moving. (Netflix)


Keep Breathing – A sharp attorney crashes in the Canadian wilderness, where she has to battle the elements and her own personal demons. (Netflix)


I Just Killed My Dad – a true-crime story about a young man struggling to deal with an abusive family. The psychological issues, and the judicial system explored here, are profound. (Netflix)


The Object of My Affection – Interesting twist on the rom-com formula when a pregnant social worker (Jennifer Anniston) develops romantic feelings for her gay best friend (Paul Rudd). (Amazon Prime)


Dan in Real Life – A guy (Steve Carrell) falls immediately in love with his brother’s girlfriend, all at a large family gathering. (Amazon Prime)


Delicious – A chef is having an affair with his ex-wife. Some kids don’t have the parents they thought they had. Brother-sister (?!) sexual relationship. Delicious.Be sure you watch the 2017 British series – not one of the other “Delicious” movies. (Amazon Prime - Acorn TV)


The House of Eliot – Two sisters, suddenly poor, start a high fashion business in 1920s London. (Amazon Prime - Britbox)


Finding Alice – Alice and her family move into the dream home her husband designed, but he suddenly dies on move-in day. Secrets emerge. I was amazed that the series is as funny as it is, mainly if you enjoy sarcasm. (Amazon Prime - Acorn TV)


The Crown – We are watching this story of Queen Elizabeth 2 for what may be the second time (can’t quite remember). The political/historical material is not as fascinating as the dynamics within the royal family. We await Season 5, coming in November. (Netflix)


Upstairs Downstairs – Set in London, 1936-1939, the series follows the doings, both upstairs and downstairs, of a family with a lot going on. We watched the 2010 follow-up to the 1971 series, which we did not watch. Like many of the British series, it is interesting because of the depth of the character portrayals. (Amazon Prime - Britbox)


City Slickers – This has nothing to do with family, but we really enjoyed this 1991 Billy Crystal classic. See it again – it holds up well. (Netflix)


            Several of these ended with cliff-hangers, in anticipation of another season, which did not happen. Like life . . ..



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