Thursday, November 3, 2022


            What is it about color that makes it so attractive to us? I haven’t a clue, so I will leave it to evolutionary biologists to come up with theories. Probably something to do with the survival value of noticing what’s going on in our environment, but that does not explain the attraction.


            Nevertheless, it’s been an outstanding fall for colors. We have not been traveling much to see them, even missing the wonderfully-named “Deadman’s Hill,” which several people recommended. Instead, we have been appreciating what our own back yard has been providing us. The photos below were all taken from our property, looking east across Torch Lake as sunset approaches. Some say you have to look west to see a sunset, but we disagree.

The shot above was taken mid-October, with reds appearing.

The reflection adds another dimension:

More reds:

The sunrise also has its charm:

Toward the end of October many of the reds are gone, but the yellows and browns have an appeal of their own. The image below shows our road, looking west toward US 31:

And here, our birdhouse surrounded by yellow:

Even faded colors appeal to us:

    So, why is color so attractive to us? 

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  1. Been to Deadman’s Hill, really crowded, & Tunnel of Trees to Cross Village. The trees in our area up North were more colorful. I think the fall colors this year are spectacular just like your photos,