Thursday, June 9, 2011

Published at Last!

What's My Zip Code? has finally made its way into publication - as an eBook. My publishing deal with Bartleby Press fell apart when the publisher could not meet the deadline in our contractual agreement and I lost confidence in his ability to publish the book in a timely way. Though I am of course disappointed, I am nevertheless grateful for his encouragement and assistance in getting the subtitle and cover prepared. As he recently told me, he is a good publisher but not a good businessman. I would have to agree.

My decision to publish as an eBook came about from my considering a number of factors. I wanted to get the project done. I wanted it available to family and friends of John and me. I do not expect to make a lot of money with the book, but there is the possibility that it will take off through my marketing efforts and word of mouth. And if it doesn't take off, it won't lose me much money since my total expense in ePublication was $790. I realize that I will do my own marketing, but that was also to be the case through publishing a "real" book through Bartleby. And while not many people own eReaders - especially people my age - those who do own one and are interested are likely to buy the book for $4.99 (vs. the $20 I was going to charge). I also discovered the free Kindle app that can be downloaded onto a computer, and several of my friends have read the book that way. I don't own a Kindle.

I will not attach my PR blurb to this blog as I have already sent one to anyone likely to read the blog. I included at the end of the book an invitation to post comments on this blog, and I'm waiting to see them.

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