Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zip Code Progress

What's My Zip Code? has been out as an eBook for several months now, and at last it's available at Barnes & Noble - for those of you who prefer to read with a Nook.

And the royalties, blessedly, are starting to trickle in. I have almost earned enough to purchase my own Kindle - one of my first financial goals - and I now think it possible to break even on my eBook costs. The book will get some publicity when Amherst magazine publishes a note about it, and that should spur more sales.

I am growing increasingly doubtful, however, that I will ever recover all of my costs, as my intended publisher of the hardcover version of What's My Zip Code? is unwilling to pay me any of the money he agrees he has owed me for nearly a year. But I'm an optimist. I think he's an honorable man and will come through.

Also: I have made contact with David Goyer, a former student of mine who is now a very successful Hollywood screenwriter/director/producer (Batman, Blade, Kickboxer, Zigzag, and many others). My ongoing fantasy, now that Oprah is off the air, is that he will turn my book into a movie. Wouldn't that be cool!? I wish I'd given Goyer a higher grade when I had him in class. I wonder who will play me in the movie version. Suggestions?

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