Thursday, January 4, 2018

Michigan Winter

Kim’s had ten months of Kim’s cancer pain/diagnosis/surgery/radiation/chemo/fatigue. And now it is snowing and cold, and the nights are long. That means it’s time to go outside and play. There’s no reason to fall victim to your circumstances. That’s not how my Kim operates.

Winter Walk
Beautiful winter day outside, temperature in the teens,

so we decided to go for a walk.

The icicles are getting longer every day . . .

and the snow is getting deeper.


Winter Drive

Ice and snow also mean it's time to go for a drive to see our Torch Lake cottage.

The road to our cottage

The cold did not stop the guys from working.

We will be swimming here in a few months.

We took another snowy drive out onto Leelenau Peninsula.

We weren't the only turkeys enjoying the day.

Kilcherman's Christmas Cove

Winter Tough

Is the lake frozen? No problem.

Snowy Owls fly south for Michigan winters. This 4-year-old female, Socia, was hatched and banded in Minnesota.

"I've got my love to keep me warm."

This is how Kim deals with her illness.

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  1. Hi Dave. This is Rich from New York.
    I still think about you and Kim since we met last April. Cheryl and I continue to keep you both in our prayers, wishing for God's best for your lives. I like the photos you took. Someone is a great photographer. The icicles and snow make the scenes look very much like here in northern New York, where the high for today was minus 3. I took a long snowshoe trek up a nearby mountain, just to get out - so I resonate with your desire to do the same. Looks like Torch Lake is coming along. That's one of the things I have been envisioning in my prayers.
    Wishing you and Kim a New Year filled with much joy and lots of hope.
    Rich Elton