Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dark Secrets

I am happily not part of the dating world, but I can imagine that, on a first date, one question that needs to be asked and answered is this: What is one of your dark secrets?

OK, maybe not on a first date. Most likely, it will be the last date.

Oh – you don’t have any dark secrets? That suggests that you are keeping them secret from yourself.

No, I am not going to reveal my dark secrets here. Did you really think I would?

Once revealed, they are no longer secrets, and so they lose much of their power.

Our dark secrets are a mark of our precious individuality, our self – outposts in the soup of our relationships at work, at home and at play. As such, we need them.

What does a dark secret sound like?

·      I pick my nose.
·      I had an abortion – two of them.
·      I watch porn.
·      I had an affair.
·      I am having an affair.
·      I wish I were dead.
·      I ate the last cookies.
·      I see more than you think I do.
·      I was involved in a hit-and-run.
·      I don’t know who I am.
·      I have a beast inside me.
·      My heart is made of brain tissue.
·      I am not here.

You get the idea. What are your dark secrets?


  1. You can't expect us to share our dark secrets with you. I am thinking about mine, but won't share them. Happy turkey day. Angie

  2. Two of the things on your list apply to me. How's that? :) Kirsti