Thursday, September 14, 2023

Fungi from a Fun Guy


            When I was in college I took a philosophy course in Aesthetics. We spent a semester discussing different ideas about the nature of beauty. We read a lot of theories, finding problems with all of them, and saw a few examples. But I don’t think we saw any pictures of mushrooms.


            Some aspects of nature are obviously beautiful: flowers, butterflies, birds, sunsets, etc. I’m attracted to the humbler, less obvious beauty of mushrooms. This summer Kim has roamed our modest acre of land, photographing our mushroom friends. Here are a few beauties:

At one point my plan was to identify all of these. This plan lasted about two hours, with no success except for the ones Kim had identified. Help from Mushroom People is appreciated! Kim says I know as much about fungi as I do about being a fun guy.

I think that each mushroom has its own personality - and that is beautiful.

Same mushrooms as the previous photo - different angle.

My plan was to include my favorite 15 shots. Sorry - too many favorites!

Morel, maybe

False Morel - don't eat it.

Who knew there was all this beauty around us? Or that what we can see can be seen as beautiful?

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